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The Higher School of the Performing Arts 
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Announces New Summer programs at an International School of Acting

In the summer of 2017, The Higher School of the Performing Arts will be offering two intensive summer courses for international students. An intensive in acting and an intensive in stage movement.

Russian theater tradition is world-renowned. The courses will offer a unique opportunity to come in contact and get familiar with the methods of teaching stage arts in Russia.

Acting Intensive:

  •  Acting – these will be master-classes with K. Raykin and other leading teachers of the School
  •  Stage movement
  •  Fencing
  •  Ballet
  •  Vocal training
  •  A seminar in the history of Russian theater

Stage Movement Intensive:

  •   Stage movement techniques including Droznin technique and acrobatics ( 6 times a week)
  •   Fencing
  •   Ballet
  •  2 master classes with Andrey Droznin
  •  A seminar in the history of Russian theater

Tuition fees include a visit to Anton Chekhov’s country estate in Melikhovo (near Moscow) as well as a sightseeing excursion of Moscow.

The students will also be offered an opportunity to visit many of Moscow’s theaters, museums and exhibitions.

The fees also include accommodation in a 4 star hotel across the street from the School.

Here are a few highlights from our international summer program 2016.   

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